Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thanks Jessica!

Emolyn was dreaming about her daddy today and waving in her sleep. 

She sleeps in this awesome vibrating bouncy seat that  Linda found new at a yard sale for like $5! Emolyn is VERY lucky to have so many loving people around her who want to shower her with gifts. Speaking of shower and gifts who is excited about saturday!

Tonight is our last night with Jessica as our special sleepover buddy. Jessica has been so awesome while Shawn has been gone. She mops my floor while I feed Emolyn and stays up until 4 AM to feed her. What an amazing friend. We have gotten to spend so much time together this last week it has just reminded me what a beautiful, intelligent, funny, caring and easy to get along with woman she is. Jessica- Thank you so much for protecting me during this time with Shawn away. Thank you for the love and advice and support. I could not have been sane this week without you. Thanks for loving me and my baby. Sorry you fell in love with her too! Now you will want to babysit all the time! I know you will be amazing Aunt for the special little girl soon!

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Amy said...

I'm excited for the shower!!! I'm coming home for it! :) Yipee! And I'm so glad you had Jessica to help you out during this time! I will see you in just a few days. I can't wait to love on your little girl! Amy Kristen