Monday, April 7, 2008

Slingin' at home

Emolyn and I had a great day today. She caught up on the sleep she missed last night and I had a little trouble napping. But we didn't really get anything productive done today so thats good for me. Very relaxing. I am trying not to pressure myself to "do" so much and instead just spend time loving my girl. Its not hard to love her but its hard for me not to accomplish very many tangible tasks in a day. That is one of the beautiful lessons my husband is teaching me. To just "be". Or sit around and do nothing.
But today we did manage to enjoy the glorious weather with a family walk. Me and Emolyn in the sling my mom and Maurice.
My view of Emolyn in the sling.

Goodnight Shawn Thompson. We love you.


Miranda said...

I'm so glad I got you that sling!!! I am super glad you exchanged it for the one with the flowers!!! So cute!!

You gals are so cute!!

linda t said...

Oh that sling is just the best! Waaay cute and sassy too.
But oh my, what a sweet thing tucked in that sling.
Love her to pieces!

Grandma Beckie said...

I'm very blog illiterate but I am trying again to say...this is a sweet precious little girl!