Monday, April 14, 2008

Eating vs Sleeping

Usually emolyn prefers sleeping to eating but sometimes she tries to do both at the same time. She goes from totally asleep to screaming awake that she is starving. No joke, in like 15 seconds she figures out she is hungry. Sometimes we have to wake her up to feed her because she is so small she can not wait more than 4 hours between meals. I am a little paranoid at night so I set an alarm even though she has NEVER slept through a feeding at night.
She fell asleep eating tonight.
And continued to sleep through the burping process.
But we did capture a great sleeping smile! Look at that dimple! She has a matching one on the other side. I bet she is dreaming about seeing her Daddy friday night!


Amy said...

Oh my gosh...that sleeping smile is the cutest thing EVER! Daddy's going to be so proud. I think that's my favorite picture of her. Nicole, your daughter is so precious! Amy Kristen

Miranda said...

I love her to little bits... I can really start to see what she's gonna look like now.

linda t said...

Oooh, I could just sop her up with a biscuit!
She's the sweetest thing!

NanAZ said...

Awesome pics! She definitely has her daddy's smile. I remember that cute little grin when Shawn was a little squirt playing with Amy.

NanAZ said...

Oh by the way, Nicole did you know that you can copy and paste the entries in your blog into a Word document so you can later print them out and keep them?

That's what I'm doing with mine, since I can't imagine that Blogger will store them forever.

I'm sure Em would love to look at them someday.