Thursday, April 10, 2008

Generous Creativity

Emolyn has been given a few very special gifts. Beautiful handmade things for her to snuggle up with. This first is an adorable blanket matches her polka dot bedding and has a very soft backing and a satin trim. It was made by Lynette Childers along with matching burp cloths and two phenomenal dresses (they had to be hand stitched because they are so small). The red dress was her Good Friday and go home from the hospital dress and the white eyelet dress was her Easter dress! It was so fun to have something so special and unique, even though it was hard to celebrate her first Easter in the hospital.

This beautiful creation was made by our cousin Myra. It has the softest duckie fabric (picked out by her husband Evan) and the backing is a soft ribbed white. Click on the image to see the dainty embroidered butterflies and Emolyn's initials! The trim sticking is flowers all the way around! There are also matching burp cloths!
I stole a kiss from Emolyn today! It was from her daddy over the phone! I will not include my attempt to "kiss" Maurice per Shawns request. (Kiss not given and thus picture not included due to Maurice's serious need of a bath, he is gross)
Emolyn and I slept through the new episode of The Office, we missed the whole thing! Jessica was nice enough to photograph us, but not nice enough to wake me up so I could see the show!
We miss Shawn pretty bad. This being apart thing is a lot harder with a baby. It is sure harder than I thought. I am trying to distract myself with home projects but I am thinking about it more and more. We are half way done though, and my genius will be home!


Miranda said...

Love you both so much!!! I taped the office and I will bring it over tomorrow if you'd like... just give me a call if that sounds good.

Aaron said...

you're a fine strong lady, ms. thompson. praying for you, the babe, and mr. thompson in these next few days. indeed, indeed, halfway there!