Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Special Guests

Emolyn has had several visitors since she has been home. Here is just a peek...
Winston just kept saying "her head is so much bigger than her body". I don't know if he wanted to come and see Emolyn or Maurice more. He asked when Maurice could come to his house. No mention of Emolyn coming over.
Uncle Jason thinks Emolyn is boring when she sleeps, but she sure gets comfy on aunt Michelle.
Gigi and Popo came to visit last week.
Jessica is staying with me for 3 days while Shawn is gone to help me with baby rearing. Here is a picture of her and emolyn, except you can only see Emolyn. Look at those long legs.
The girl had a very big day today with lots of guests so lets hope she sleeps well tonight as we have a traveling day tomorrow to visit great grandpa Thompson. We will surely be staying in after that. There will be a bunch of people there so lets hope she doesn't get too overwhelmed.
Goodnight Shawners, I love you.

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Amy said...

I can't wait to be a visitor! I'm just dying to hold her--whether she's sleeping or not. :) I hope you're doing okay without Shawn. It seems like there are lots of people keeping you company. I'm proud of you! :)