Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lets compare

So people are having trouble understanding Emolyns size, because its hard to picture what 4 lbs 7 oz looks like. So I thought I would get some photos to help you compare her to everyday items.
Here she is on a paper plate

Here she is with a CD

Is she small or does Shawn have a big head, you decide

We all know Shawn has big feet, I call them boats

If you want us to ship her to you let me know, she fits in a manilla envelope.

I thought this might be fun! We are trying to fill our time with distractions until Shawn gets home. Any ideas?


linda t said...

OMG, I am laughing out loud!
You are too funny!
That right there, will make a great 2 page scrap layout someday!

Amy said...

Those pictures are just incredible. I'm dying laughing too! Did Emolyn have fun playing that game? I haven't thought of any yet, but I'm trying to come up with some more distractions for the two of you until Dad gets home!

Aaron said...

Manila envelope? Priceless.

NanAZ said...

Awesome! She will love to see these someday!!!

Miranda said...

HAHA... you're the best nicole!! Emolyn is such a great model... everyone was asking about her tonight and was excited about Sat.

Skerrib said...

I love it! But you really need to use a bubble mailer if you're going to be shipping her all over the place.

Andrew said...

Those pictures are so great! Emolyn is so cute.
Will you please mail her to me?
I will send you my address.

Arizona Sports Fanatic said...

This post was hilarious. Well done, Nicole. You have outdone yourself.