Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Emolyn's room, a work in progress

Well since it has been requested here are some photos of Emolyn's room, so far. See the room is not to my liking yet, who knows if it will ever be. But it is improving and I will share with you what has been done and what I would still like to accomplish.
View from the door. Our comfy wing backed chair, we feed her here in the middle of the night and then we fall asleep with her in our arms in this chair. Although last night she slept 6 hours! So our middle of the night feedings are becoming less and less.
This is the cool changing table Linda brought over yesterday. She found it at a thrift store I think a long time ago and has been using it as storage. She sanded it down and painted it for us and it looks awesome in her room! Now I want to get some matching baskets so it looks nicer storing her blankets and burp rags and bath stuff.
The awesome crib you see is a beautiful solid family heirloom almost! It was my aunt and uncles and my nephews and niece used it and now its our turn! My uncle took it completely apart and sanded it all down and refinished it so its like new for Emolyn. He did have to sand out the teeth marks from my nephew Benjamin, he was a biter. Notice no mattress, yeah thats on the list of things to get.
Emolyn has had brief moments in the swing and I think she likes it but she is still too little. And there are all her books, she loves to read!
Our fun curtains that match her bedding are hung after Randy came to instal the curtain rod and this cool antique dresser is from our friend Meredith who lived with us for like a month and left it for us as a gift (actually I think she didn't have room for it and I really liked it so now its mine!). That long hanging thing is a little holder I made for plastic grocery bags. I keep the bags in their and put dirty diapers in the bags so I can take them right out. Its working well for us. Also on the dresser is the cutest gift from the shower, a diaper tower. And Emolyn's hand and foot prints from the hospital, her night nurse Allison made this scrap page for us, it was so sweet!
I won't let you look in Emolyn's closet because it is a disaster. But here is her pack-n-play and her bulletin board, mostly she doesn't have anything of her own up yet but some great pictures of her family!
Oh here is a peak into Emolyn's clothing. This is here 0-3 months clothes drawer. People have been very generous.

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kristen said...

thank you thank you! So cute. What color are the walls? You have an awesome friend because that dresser is beautiful. We always just took the diapers out to the garage trash everyone thought we were crazy but I couldn't do a diaper genie because of the thought of them being in there would gross me out...I know I'm weird!