Friday, April 4, 2008

Emolyn and her dad

Emolyn and her dad already have a very special bond. He has taken to calling her "my little monkey". They take rests together an have early mornings together. We are sure going to miss him when he leaves on Sunday. Check out his blog to see what exciting adventures he is going to be up to.
She looks so tiny in his hands.When she first started eating in the hospital she only ate 3 ccs a feeding, less than a teaspoon. We would put the bottle nipple in her mouth and slowly fill it with a syringe full of milk. It was quite odd. Then she advanced to tiny bottles. Now she is up to 1 1/2 oz every 3 hours!

For Emolyns first baths she had to be sponge bathed because of her IVs. At every bath Shawn is in charge of washing and brushing her hair (his choice), he loves it. I have cleaned her whole body by the time he is done with her hair.

Now finally at home both are more comfortable. I left them alone together for the first time yesterday. My first trip alone out of the house since she came home. They had a great time together! When I got home we took a family walk around the block with Maurice. Emolyn didn't have a very good time. 1/2 way through I had to take her out of the stroller and hold her she was crying so hard. For a little thing she sure can make a lot of noise! Once I picked her up she was quiet and was asleep by the time we got home. Poor Shawn had to push the stroller and hang on to Maurice. I said "if he starts running just let him go.  I know he will come back when he gets hungry."


Amy said...

Nicole, I read your whole blog and love every single detail about your life with Emolyn. I love the pictures of her. And I love seeing and hearing how much you and Shawn adore her. It's so precious and I love your family. I can't wait to see you new little girl. You're such a great mommy! I'm proud of you! I'll be checking back all the time to get the updates on your blog. I'm glad you have one! Amy Kristen Lynch

linda t said...

Me too! I love your blog!
Now remember, I can come over next week over my lunch hour and you can either hit the road or hit the sack! Either way, I win! I get Emolyn!

Miranda said...

What a little peanut she is!! I know a thing or two about daddy's and daughters and from the daughters point of view, daddy's are the greatest things!! What special blessing that she gets to have a daddy that loves and adores her so much. Who will protector her heart and tell her how special and beautiful and amazing she is. I love what Shawn said about how "you are her home and her safe place and that daddy is her audience"... and her knight in shining armor.

Aaron said...

"I know he will come back when he's hungry." Genius. "My little monkey..." Also genius. Your daughter is destined for witty greatness.