Monday, April 28, 2008


So it is officially hot out, gone are the 4 days I could keep my front door open because the weather was nice. I think the high was 96 today. I have been fighting starting the AC (I don't know why) but since tomorrow is supposed to be 98 I will be firing up the bad boy! Since it is so hot Emolyn has taken to not wearing clothes. She likes to be swaddled but gets too hot so she has to be naked to be swaddled. She seems to really like being naked which is unfortunate since she has a lot of new clothes. I wish I had a lot of new clothes :( But her clothes don't fit me so I am going to have to wait until after summer for our shopping spree! Here are some cute pics of my little gils chillin' with her daddy tonight!


Aaron said...

still cute as a button, and getting noticeably bigger too -- is that the making of a slight baby gut? tell the little girl i'm proud of her:)

Skerrib said...

I love the nekkid look.