Sunday, April 20, 2008

Showered with Love... and presents

Holy cow! We had an awesome time yesterday at Emolyn's baby shower! We had a ton of people there who came to love Shawn and I and see pictures of my beautiful little girl. Emolyn is not big and strong enough to be out yet so Shawn made a slide show of pictures from her first 2 months of life. He had about 700 pictures to search through so needless to say even with only the best it was like 9 minutes long! 
We got to tell the story about Emolyns birthday and how crazy it was. And  a generous friend asked how everyone could support and protect us as we start our family with this fragile little girl. We have so many awesome people around us. We are blessed to have a community of cheerleaders, faithful prayers, cooks, and tender souls who want to care for us. I really feel like Shawn and I have finally emerged from being Beckie's daughter and Randy and Linda's son to "Shawn and Nicole" and of course now Emolyn. We have our own identity and it includes our parents but is not defined by our association. I felt like people were there for us and truly care about our new little family. 
Of course the grandmas did do everything for the party from so cute decorations to delicious food and adorable cupcakes. And we had a raffle! A friend at work told me about having a diaper and wipe raffle at our baby shower. Along with  gift people bring diapers or wipes (or both) and enter a drawing for a gift. My mom made a "Dinner and a movie in or out" basket with movie tickets free popcorn and Harkins cup with Oreganos gift card for out and pizza hut gift card, soda candy and blockbuster gift card for in! Of course Andy Allen won the drawing because he wins every drawing we have!*

*Andy won the drawing at our wedding almost 4 years ago to sign the marriage license.


Miranda said...

It was such a fun party!! You guys are truly loved and so is that little girl. I can't wait till I am able to cuddle her and kidnap her to take her shopping... yeah that'll be a while, but just the same.

kristen said...

Oh how I wish we could have been there and what a cute shower! I hate that we are so far away...I would love to help you out anyway I could! we would be just great little mommies together! you look beautiful and I have to admit shawn is just glowing! miss you guys and we are still hoping to make it up there this year!!