Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Emolyn came home 1 week ago today from Phoenix Childrens Hospital NICU, the only home she had known since birth. It was exciting and scary all at the same time. She looked so much smaller in the big furniture at home. It is a little intimidating bringing home a 3 lb baby. She is not just like a regular baby only smaller, she is significantly more fragile. She has special needs, no rocking or jiggling, no fast movements, in fact she doesn't really like to walk around. She gets easily overstimulated so the lights can't be too bright or the sounds or voices too loud. So as we try to be sensitive to her needs I got my last real night of sleep last week, although I didn't sleep much I was so excited.This is Melissa out awesome primary nurse. She was with Emolyn most of the time during her month long stay. We learned a lot about each other. She helped us learn so much about the intricacies of preemies and how to best take care of Emolyn at home. She also gave us confidence that we wouldn't break her and to remember there is nothing wrong with her, she is just tiny.

Going home outfit, handmade by Lynette Childers. How adorable!

Once we finally got home Emolyn was very tired but there was one more challenge...Meeting Maurice.

We had brought blankets home from the hospital for Maurice to sleep with that smelled like Emolyn. Also we heard from one of Emolyn's nurses who has 5 basset hounds (wow) that we should give him some ground beef and rice with his dinner for the first week she is home to make him feel special, and he sure has! He sits in her room when she is in bed until she quiets down, and he loves to sniff her head, and butt of course!
We had a bracelet cutting ceremony. Emolyn was discharged exactly 1 month after I was and we had these bracelets to ID us as her parents. After wearing them a month it got very old.

We were so glad to have her home and we are so grateful for all the support and prayers we received while she was in the hospital. It was VERY hard to come home everyday, twice a day with empty arms. I wouldn't wish this experience on anyone. It was never easier, everyday was equally torturous. It was so comforting to call grandma Beckie and Grammie Linda to update them and get their encouragement. That she was going to come home and that it was ok that it was hard. But no matter how long or short I was at the hospital everyday she (Emolyn) knew my voice and would wake up once she heard me come in. It was really hard to feel like a mom when other people were always taking care of my baby and my contact with her was so limited. So now I have the privilege of staying up all night and changing lots of diapers and getting spit up on, and I love that I get to do it all for my baby. Holding her to my chest right now, in my house, is the greatest feeling. So though I might complain, we love having her home. And I love getting to be her mom and do all the things a mom does. I have great examples after all.


kristen said...

I am so glad she is home. the hardest time for us was when I got discharged and Kennady stayed in the nicu. We felt lost and I kind of felt panicky thinking we forgot her. I am sure it was hard for a whole month I couldn't imagine. She is so beautiful and I bet you are an awesome mommy! I love the pic of you and her in the pink.

ATS said...

oh, maurice ... he's so crazy.

Can't wait to see the little munchkin.

bringing my camera.


Aaron said...

Was so, so glad I got to spend a bit of time with you, Shawn, and Miss Emolyn while I was home. Your daughter is beautiful, and she is/will be lucky to have such loving parents.

Can't wait to be home for good, watching her grow, smiling and laughing with her mom and dad.

brandi said...

I had to take Zac to the dr every 2days for the first 2 weeks to see if he was gaining weight. I felt bad that he was not gaining fast enough, but it worked out. And now I have to keep track of him all the time because he moves so fast! They grow up quicker than you realize. I cherish everyday and want him to stay little. Good luck

Uncle Jason said...

You are a great mom and dad, little E is well loved!

linda t said...

What a lovely post Nicole... made me cry.
I cannot begin to tell you the peace Randy and I feel knowing you are all together as a family... forever.
We are blessed and honored to share in your joy, in your journey. Love you.